Changing the rules of the game


Changing the rules of the game

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44.000* NAMES

In June, we commemorate the 44.764 victims (and counting) who died on European borders since 1993. We say their names to mourn lost lives and make sure they are not forgotten. Actions will take place in Greece, Poland, Romania, Bosnia, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Read all about it and find out how you can get involved here!

POLAND - 44.000 IMION: 20 June in Katowice

ROMANIA - 44.000 NAMES: 17-20 June in Timisoara

NETHERLANDS - 44.000 NAMEN: 20 June in Scheveningen

GREECE - 44.000 Ονόματα: 18 June in Ioannina
GREECE - 44.000 Ονόματα: End of June, Mytilini, Lesvos

PORTUGAL - 44.000 NAMES: 20 June, Porto
PORTUGAL - 44.000 NAMES: 20 June, Lisbon

GERMANY - 44.000 NAMEN: 20 June, Berlin

UNITED KINGDOM - 44,000 NAMES: 20 June, London
UNITED KINGDOM - 44,000 NAMES: 20 June, Liverpool
UNITED KINGDOM - 44,000 NAMES: 20 June, Newcastle

IRELAND - 44,000 NAMES: 20 June, Dublin

NORWAY - 44.000 NAMES: End of June

#saytheirnames #savelives #migrantsmatter

MiGreat - what we do

  1. Provide necessary assistance to migrants. Every human has a right to sufficient food, clothes, shelter, medical and psychological care, regardless of his/her legal situation. We are currently active in Sarajevo, Bosnia, supporting homeless refugees and migrants through the cold winter.

  2. End the War on Migration. No more razor-wire walls, weaponed border police or destructive deterrence policies. Not only are they ineffective and expensive, but also extremely harmful. Migration needs to be approached as a fact of life and needs to be facilitated and regulated rather than prevented at any cost. Away with the horror camps, the shady deals, the dead bodies in the Mediterranean Sea and the baton-shaped bruises inflicted by European border police.

  3. Legalize migration. Provide opportunities for (prospective) migrants to obtain work or asylum visa and make irregular migration obsolete, thus eliminating the dangers on the way and destroying the lucrative business model of smugglers. Abolish restricted access to labour, education and housing both for regular and irregular migrants to secure long term independence. 


Thank you so much for the support! We are a 100% volunteer run group, so all your money will be used directly for aid and advocacy. With your donation, we make sure homeless refugees have food, shelter and medical care in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and the voices of those risking their lives to reach Europe are heard! 

Donate directly to our our bank account or through PayPal: