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44.000* names

44.000* NAMES

In June, we commemorate the 44.764 victims (and counting) who died on European borders since 1993. We say their names to mourn lost lives and make sure they are not forgotten. Actions will take place in Greece, Poland, Romania, Bosnia, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Join the commemoration and #saytheirnames!

POLAND - 44.000 IMION: 20 June, Katowice

ROMANIA - 44.000 NAMES: 17-20 June, Timisoara

NETHERLANDS - 44.000 NAMEN: 20 June, Scheveningen

GREECE - 44.000 Ονόματα: 18 June, Ioannina
GREECE - 44.000 Ονόματα: End of June, Mytilini, Lesvos

PORTUGAL - 44.000 NAMES: 20 June, Porto
PORTUGAL - 44.000 NAMES: 20 June, Lisbon

GERMANY - 44.000 NAMEN: 20 June, Berlin

UNITED KINGDOM - 44.000 NAMES: 20 June, London
UNITED KINGDOM - 44,000 NAMES: 20 June, Liverpool
UNITED KINGDOM - 44.000 NAMES: 20 June, Newcastle

IRELAND - 44.000 NAMES: 20 June, Dublin

NORWAY - 44.000 NAMES: End of June

→ Organise a memorial in your own city or in the capital city of your country, reading the names of a part of the 20.000 border victims. You are joined by people across Europe. We will develop a toolkit with press releases, promotional material, photos, flyers, texts and videos for you to use - the memorial protest can be as big or small and thus as easy or hard to organize as you want. Just register here!

All over Europe, people are reading the names and making signs of those who died. Together we remember and we make sure they did not die in vain. #migrantsmatter #saytheirnames #savelives

E-mail us on for any questions. 

* The actual amount of people who died is likely to be (much) more, as many bodies are never found.

Many thanks to UNITED for Intercultural Action - campaign office Fatal Policies of Fortress Europe - - -