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Vision & Mission

We believe that migration can be a force for the good: it can give refugees and other migrants a chance they desperately need and they can contribute both to the place they live and the home they left. Win-win-win! As long as legal migration opportunities are non-existent for those who need it most, people will keep coming irregularly - often exposing themselves to abuse and life-threatening dangers on their journeys. We are determined to assist transiting refugees with aid and information, while simultaneously advocating against government policies that create abusive, dangerous conditions.


  • Roos is our founder / chair. She worked in Lesvos and Bosnia, but feels that just helping people in need is not enough when refugees and migrants face ever more abuse and dangers in Europe’s borders. 
  • Hannah is our treasurer, she lives in her self-built van in Germany. Being an exceptionally fine-tuned social worker, she excels in dealing with extremely vulnerable, traumatized people. She’s also an incredible team builder, uniting people with different values, backgrounds and difficulties.
  • Sofie is our secretary. She lives in Utrecht, the Netherlands, where she’s coordinated WelnU, an NGO that provides free language education to newcomers in the Netherlands. She’s an exceptionally hard worker, mediates effortlessly between different cultures, connects all the right stakeholders and is dedicated to make Europe a better place for migrants.

The board members of MiGreat do not receive any compensation for their activities for MiGreat. 

RSIN number of Foundation MiGreat: 860513014

Here you see a small part of the hundreds of amazing humans who have volunteered in Bosnia! Cooking, bandaging wounds, serving tea, insulating shelters, delivering fire wood for the thousands of homeless young people coming through Bosnia. WHAT a team! <3


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