Changing the rules of the game



Protest - Tuesday 31 May - 1-2pm - Ahoy Rotterdam

The EPP had its yearly congress in Rotterdam. EPP is a European collaboration of christian democratic parties, with members such as the parties of Merkel, Berlusconi, Von der Leyen, Hoekstra and Tusk. Thousands of attendants are expected, including heads of state, ministers, national & EU parliament members, EU Commissioners and the EPP president.

These politicians are not only christian-democratic, but also (co)responsible for the EU-Turkey and Libya deals, push- and pullbacks, border violence, inhumane camps and tens of thousands of deaths. They are playing a crucial role in creating a migration system that systematically violates almost every human rights.

For this demo, we made 26 stones and encarved them with the most important human rights. Activists smashed them one by one, as a reference to the biblical story of Moses who breaks the stone tablet with the Ten Commands, as his people are breaking the rules God gave them. The EPP politicians are violating not only their own christian norms, but the human rights they are obliged to uphold.

Thank you for being there!