Changing the rules of the game


Changing the rules of the game

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Hey game changer!

Welcome! MiGreat believes that migration can make the world a better place. We organise protests and campaigns to expose the violent and deadly border policies of Europe and fight for safe migration and asylum opportunities. We also support aid groups in Bosnia an Romania. Wherever you are, join the movement!

MiGreat - what we do

  • Provide emergency support to people on the move.
  • End the bloody border regime. Protect people, not borders!
  • Legalize migration. More migration is indispensible in the fight for global equality and justice.


Thank you so much for the support! We are a 100% volunteer run group, so all your money will be used directly for aid and advocacy. Donate directly to our our bank account or through PayPal. You can also transfer manually. Name: Stichting MiGreat, IBAN: NL17BUNQ2040897801, BIC: BUNQNL2A

What we are doing now..