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From the 4th of March third country nationals - non-Ukrainians who fled Ukraine - will lose their right to work, right to shelter, right to medical care and residence in the Netherlands. Around 2900 people who already lost everything due to the war are set to lose it all again.

State secretary Eric van der Burg (VVD) first decided to give anyone who fled Ukraine equal rights, but later decided to revoke the status of non-Ukrainians. The Raad van State (higher court) confirmed this decision, despite the fact that the war is ongoing. The Netherlands, a country that prides itself as being one of the leading human rights country in the world, discriminates third country nationals while welcoming blue eyed blue passport holders.

We third country nationals & supporters condemn the discrimination and the loss of rights we face. We demand that the State secretary and parliament extend the temporary protection to all refugees that fled Ukraine until Ukraine is deemed safe. We call on municipalities, council members and NGOs to keep on providing shelter to third country nationals. Freedom of movement and equal rights for all!

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