Migration is a human right!

About MiGreat

A world where all human beings are free to move wherever they want, and receive equal treatment and equal rights wherever they are. That’s all we’re asking for! For people to be truly free and equal, we need to abolish passport Apartheid. We want to work towards a world where migration is not a privilege, but a right.

The world we live in today is fundamentally unjust. Passports and borders create and justify racial and class segregation, upholding rampant global inequality and facilitating exploitation. Someone's nationality decides almost every aspect of life - from wage, access to education, health care and work to life expectancy(!!). Whoever tries to move from the global South to the global North irregularly risks getting abused or even killed by border guards, and segregation and exploitation upon arrival. We work towards a world where migration is not deterred, but facilitated.

Migration policies create and strengthen neocolonial dominance and exploitation class discrimination and racism. Therefore, the struggle for freedom of movement is connected to the fight against racism, colonialism and capitalism, amongst others. We stand in solidarity with other movements fighting injustices and oppression. We are not free until we are all free.

Basically, what we are trying to do is change the world. We are trying to change power structures that systematically oppress and exploit people, mainly from the global South. We campaign against the brutal border regime, which is ineffective, harmful and deadly. Alongside campaigning for regular migration opportunities and against violent border policies, we support refugees and migrants transiting towards the EU who are left to fend for themselves.

Borders have become a tool to exclude and segregate based on nationality, skin colour and religion. Predominantly white, rich countries systematically violate human rights in order to keep ‘unwanted’ people out, or to keep the ‘unwanted people’ that are here undocumented and rightless. Our job is to expose the abuses that happen on EU borders, mobilise activists to demand justice and provide meaningful alternatives to anti migration policies.

Our goal is to shrink the borders into non-existence. We focus on two sub goals:

Freedom of movement. We take action to make it easier for people to move. This includes the removal or relaxing of visa requirements, the increase of opportunities to migrate as well as the facilitation of irregular migration.

Equal treatment. Free migration will only help to achieve true equality if migrants have equal rights compared to locals. This includes social rights, such as access to housing, health care, shelter, education, equal labour rights and political rights such as voting.

Our political work is currently focused on the Netherlands and migration into the EU. We also support organisations working on the EU borders.

The board of MiGreat consists of Liz and Sophie.

The board members of MiGreat do not receive any compensation for their activities for MiGreat.
RSIN number of MiGreat: 860513014


Do you have questions, ideas or do you want to become a volunteer? Send us an email at info@migreat.org!

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