Migration is a human right!

About MiGreat

A world in which the place where you are born determines the life you live is an unjust world. When migration becomes a possibility for people from the global South, it can become an indispensable force in the fight for racial justice and global equality. It can give people the opportunity to significantly increase their income, develop new skills and support their communities at home. We want to work towards a world where migration is not a privilege, but a right.

MiGreat believes people need to be able to move. Our mission is to challenge the right to exclude, and to create opportunities for migration, especially from the global South towards the EU. We campaign against the brutal border regime, which is ineffective, harmful and deadly. Alongside campaigning for regular migration opportunities and against violent border policies, we support refugees and migrants transiting towards the EU who are left to fend for themselves.

Borders have become a tool to exclude and segregate based on nationality, skin colour and religion. Predominantly white, rich countries systematically violate human rights in order to keep ‘unwanted’ people out, or to keep the ‘unwanted people’ that are here undocumented and rightless. Our job is to expose the abuses that happen on EU borders, mobilise activists to demand justice and provide meaningful alternatives to anti migration policies.

We have three core goals that form the basis of all our projects and campaigns:
  • Legalise migration opportunities for refugees and economic migrants;
  • Stop deterrence policies, designed to damage and disencourage (prospective) migrants;
  • Provide humanitarian aid to people on the move in or on their way to Europe
We do not take government funds. We will never take money from the institutions we fight.

The board of MiGreat consists of Liz Kunst (Chair), Sophie Croonenberg (Secretary) and Hannah Friedrich (Treasurer).

The board members of MiGreat do not receive any compensation for their activities for MiGreat.
RSIN number of MiGreat: 860513014

Below you can find MiGreat´s policy plans, financial reports and activity reports.

Do you have questions, ideas or do you want to become a volunteer? Send us an email at info@migreat.org!

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