Migration is a human right!


We are organising the national MOVE demo woohoo! Saturday 15 June, 2pm, on Dam Square in Amsterdam. Help make this demo a big, widely supported action!

The MOVE demo is needed more than ever, as Europe's borders continue to be guarded with brute force, killing thousands every year. The reception centre in Ter Apel is once again bursting at the seams, penalising illegality and halting the reception of undocumented migrants are part of the cabinet negotiations. At the demonstration, we fight for breaking down borders, free movement and equal rights. For every human being, everywhere.

  • Are you affiliated with an organisation? Sign the manifesto.
  • Donate for the costs of the demonstration and for train tickets, so that people with a small budget can come to the demo.
  • Mobilise your friends and supporters, or even organise (possibly together with other organisations) a block during the march. Make banners and slogans in advance and let the world know that you support free migration!
  • Mobilise and organise local transport, e.g. for people from AZCs and undocumented people
  • Share the call to demonstrate in networks, newsletters, on social media, hand out flyers or hang up posters. Check our socials and website for more info!

See you there!

Do you also think migration is a human right?

What we are doing now:

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