Migration is a human right!


We are working hard to ensure the rights of migrants and refugees are respected in the Netherlands. Currently, we're working on a political campaign to improve party programs for the upcoming national elections. We wrote a party program based on our MOVE manifesto, which political parties can just copy & paste!

As soon as political parties have written their preliminary programs, party members can suggest changes. If you're a member of a Dutch political party and want to suggest changes to promote free migration, sign up through this link! (in Dutch)

Click here to read the MiGreat party program (in Dutch).
Or read the MOVE manifesto here.

On Sunday, June 18th, we protested for the rights of refugees and migrants. We started in the afternoon at the Dam Square in Amsterdam, and ended at the Museumplein. We demonstrated for freedom of movement! For equal treatment of every person.

Thanks to our donors, hundreds of people from refugee centers were able to attend the demonstration. Thank you!

Click here for a visual overview of this demo.