Migration is a human right!

Emergency aid

European Borders

The European border is the deadliest border in the world. Thousands of people lost their lives searching for safety, new opportunities and many other reasons. Instead of protecting people on the move, Europe chooses to protect its borders. This leads to torture, rape and other practices of severe violence. We support organisations that help people on the move. 

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Ter Apel

What the government had been warned about for years eventually happened in the summer of 2022: a crisis erupted in Ter Apel. This resulted in hundreds of people sleeping outside in the field without any protection from the elements. Not a single organization or individual took responsibility, which led to unsafe conditions for those who were supposed to be housed. We provided emergency aid by distributing tents, blankets, rain ponchos, and warm and healthy meals. Again in 2023 we are preparing for a potential emergency.

This is because one year later no structural changes have been made. There is still an ongoing shortage of shelter, so we are still prepared to help out day and night, in solidarity with all who wish to migrate.

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