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Thank you SO much for the support! We are a 100% volunteer run group, so all your money will be used directly for aid and advocacy. With your donation, we make sure homeless refugees have food, shelter and medical care in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and the voices of those risking their lives to reach Europe are heard!  

Donate directly to our our bank account or through PayPal:


Do you believe there is a better way to deal with migration? Do you believe border protection can never go at a cost of human lives? Join us! We are looking for people who:

Organise protests and actions. We organise actions to show the consequences of European migration policies and spur the debate about border protection. Do you have some time, creative ideas and organisation skills? Become a part of our campaign team! In the Netherlands we already have a team you can join, in other countries we can help you set up!
Create media content. Can you design infographics, write press releases or take pictures? Wherever you are in the world, join our team. With your support, we can spread the message clearer and further!

Organise a fundraiser. Is it your birthday, or is your school or company raising funds? The refugees in Bosnia are in desperate need of your support. Please contact us for assistance and advice!
Organise an info-event: a lecture, a movie night, a discussion or any other way to raise awareness and open the debate about EU migration. Depending on where you are, someone of our team can join, or we can assist in providing you with interesting information, material and more.
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