Changing the rules of the game

Migrate for Equality

16.08.2020 - €3560. That's all it takes to belong to the richest 50% of the world population.

Or, put differently, if you'd own absolutely nothing at all, no clothes, no money, no house or food, then all you'd need to be richer than 3.7 billion (3.700.000.000) fellow human beings, would be €3560.

In Luxemburg, the minimum wage is €2142 a month. Starting with nothing, it would take less than 2 months of fulltime work to jump to become a part of the richest half of the world population. In Burundi, the average income per month is just $21,75 - with many people earning much less. Saving up a few hundred dollars is an impossible task for the average Burundian.

So to earn a decent income (or to survive), you don't necessarily need to work hard - you need to work in the right country. For that, you need access: the right passport or a visa. And that's exactly what most people living under the poverty line do not have.

Maybe the world's poorest wouldn't need our help - they wouldn't need NGOs to buy them mosquito nets, build them schools or give them goats - if they could apply for a job in an H&M shop in Luxembourg instead of an H&M factory in Bangladesh.

Did someone just suggest more migration? YES! Let's make globalisation work for those who need it most. Not just for rich white 'expat' migrants, or multinationals avoiding taxes and abusing workers, but for people whose lives actually depend on it.