Changing the rules of the game

Stop Deterrence

The Dream

Borders kill. Countless measures have been taken to tempt (potential) migrants to stay home or go back, often without taking into account the human cost. From razor-wire fences that rip apart clothes and skin, to violent pushbacks by police forces, to checkpoints in the Sahara desert: the EU is funding whatever it can. Apart from incredibly damaging, many of these measures are counter-effective. We raise awareness about the atrocities on our borders as well as within national migration policies and ask for change: don’t play with migrant’s lives for the sake of border protection.

In 2020 our actions included organizing demonstrations after the devastating fire in Moria, Lesbos, in the Netherlands and Germany asking for these respective governments and the European Union to finally make a stand and relocate migrants from the burned down camp to other European countries. In cooperation with Europe Must Act and other NGO’s such as We Gaan Ze Halen and SOSMoria, we advocated for an improvement of the newly drafted European migration pact.

Don't Send Afghans Back

11-08-2021 Would you want a one-way ticket to Afghanistan, the least peaceful country in the world? This is the country were in the last 15 years, more than 111.000 people were killed and 116.000 injured. With the new increase of power of the Taliban, the...

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10.11.2020. While the US elections seem to have brought an end to a particularly hostile, hateful president, Europe has its own demons to fight. President Trump was largely criticized for his plan to build a wall on the US-Mexico border; most of the EU was already...

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14.9.2020. The catastrophe all the former residents of Moria find themselves in right now is not a stand alone incident. It is just a small wheel in the ground and machine of EU deterrence policy. The goal: disencouraging anyone non-European to come to Europe. The...

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Welcome to Prison Moria - Den Haag

We did it! For 24 hours, we camped in front of the Dutch government & parliament building. With card board boxes, blankets and tents, we recreated the daily reality for tens of thousands of people stuck on our borders.The European Union, and countries like Germany...

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X tried to cross the border. This is her story.

‘We'd walk at night, hide and rest during the day. We were walking straight into the land of the enemy, crossing a mountain range full of mines, because it was the only way to get to Italy. Like Frodo and Sam, we'd follow the roads, but hide in the bushes as soon...

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Black Lives Matters

And yet, there are more than 20.000 black bodies, somewhere on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. Lives not worth saving.So far, 0,005% of the world population died due to Corona. After more than 9 years of fighting, the death toll of the Syrian war is 2-2,8%. World...

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Croation police destroyed his medication

That's what this guy wrote us, let's call him Housein. He suffers from diabetes and takes medication every day. So the Croatian police decided that the best way to disencourage him from ever trying to enter the European Union again would be to take away his...

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What we are doing now..