Changing the rules of the game

Welcome to Prison Moria - Den Haag

We did it! For 24 hours, we camped in front of the Dutch government & parliament building. With card board boxes, blankets and tents, we recreated the daily reality for tens of thousands of people stuck on our borders.

The European Union, and countries like Germany and the Netherlands at the forefront, have created a monster of anti-migration policies. Many are inefficient and expensive, all of them are harmful and affecting people of colour. Whether it's another 200 dead bodies in the Mediterranean or suicidal children in Greek camps: they are a consequence of actions of our politicians. But they stay far away from the suffering happening on borders. That's why we bring the situation to them.

Refugees and other migrants are neglected, locked up, beaten up, left to drown. They are sacrificed for an ideal of a white Europe. The migration policies are ultimately racist: black people die for the perception of safety for white people. Human lives are ruthlessly sacrificed for votes. But we will not let that happen quietly.

Join us!

Email and join our protests and actions. Let's get so loud that no politician can ignore the screaming on our borders.

Photo: Matevž Čebašek