Changing the rules of the game

Croation police destroyed his medication

That's what this guy wrote us, let's call him Housein. He suffers from diabetes and takes medication every day. So the Croatian police decided that the best way to disencourage him from ever trying to enter the European Union again would be to take away his medication.

We heard hundreds of stories of violence migrants suffer at the hand of Croatian police - thank you Border Violence Monitoring Network for collecting their stories. But there is a particular cruelty in seeing a sick man, recognising his vulnerability and deciding to use it against him. To take away the pills he needs every single day, knowing he can't get new ones and hoping he will suffer.

We are ashamed. The Croatian border police is funded by the European Union, and thus by all its tax-paying citizens. Accusations of abuses are well-documented and Croatia even admits that some violence occurs, but doesn't want to investigate any further. Violence and theft as 'disencouragement strategies' are rampant across European borders. It was never proven that these tactics make migrants give up and go home - we just cause PTSD and depression in young men and pay millions for it.

On the bright side, it is just incredible to know that there are people helping out, trying to ease some of the pain, working tirelessly and for free to do whatever is needed most. People who put humanity before passports and give the migrants in Bosnia as well as us a little bit of hope. The amazing volunteers of Fresh Response made sure Housein got his medication the same day he sent us that message.