Changing the rules of the game


14.9.2020. The catastrophe all the former residents of Moria find themselves in right now is not a stand alone incident. It is just a small wheel in the ground and machine of EU deterrence policy. The goal: disencouraging anyone non-European to come to Europe. The price: 20.000 dead bodies in the Mediterranean Sea, 30.000 refugees stuck in horrendous Greek island camps, thousands stuck in Bosnia and Serbia, cold, hungry, traumatized, not by the wars they flee but by the European destructive anti-migration-machine.

It is a game of rich against poor, of powerful against powerless. It is the EU bribing countries and rebel groups in Asia and Africa to outsource border control. It is the Italian and Maltese governments leaving people to drown, and getting away with it. It is the Greek government creating horrendous camps where children become suicidal. It is the EU paying for battons, so Croatian police can use them on the back of refugees. It is a game where politicians gladly sacrifice lives (unsurprisingly, always black or coloured) to show their voters just how tough they are.

Taking a few hundred or thousand people out of Moria is important, but not enough. Giving this girl a chance to live with a roof over her head and go to school is not enough. The entire machine against migration needs to halt. We should not save this girl, because she should never have needed our saviourism in the first place. She should be able to find shelter and opportunities closer to home, she should be able to apply for a visa to a European country if needed.

She should have come by plane, not by boat.