Changing the rules of the game


10.11.2020. While the US elections seem to have brought an end to a particularly hostile, hateful president, Europe has its own demons to fight. President Trump was largely criticized for his plan to build a wall on the US-Mexico border; most of the EU was already silently closed off by razor-wire fence. While the world was shocked by news of migrating children held in cages, separated from their parents, the EU kept increasing the percentage of deaths on its borders. Countless children will never see their parents again.

The EU is not led by a loud twittering man with a suspicious hairline, but by bureaucrats who seem to think fighting refugees and migrants will unite Europe and save it from populism. But they have become the populists they so feared. They have turned European border into the most deadly in the world - and they made EU citizens pay for it.

The proposed new EU migration pact, a document full of boring, complicated legislative proposals, should dominate the headlines as much as the hate-tweets coming from the current US President. The impact it will have on the lives of migrating people from Africa and Asia may be bigger and longer lasting than the 4 years of Trump presidency. It focuses on detention, deportation, deterrence, and will probably lead to more Morias and more corpses - if we let it happen.

On 15 and 16 November, demonstrations for a humane migration pact are held across Europe. Join our wave of solidarity and make sure you get loud - we HAVE let death and despair on EuropeAN borders become far too normal.