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Sarajevo - Frozen

21.02.2020 While most of us are enjoying a ridiculously mild winter, it is still freezing every night in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Five hundred men and boys are sleeping rough, trying to find shelter in the bombed ruins of Sarejevo. No windows or doors to protect them from the cold, just their own bodies and, if they are lucky, a few blankets.

This picture was taken in one of those ruins. On the top floor, some card board boxes and blankets made for mattresses. A pack of milk, a bag of peanuts and frozen laundry hanging from the ceiling across the room. This is what 3 of those 500 people call their home all winter, the place they return to after a day begging on the street, where they stay when they get ill, the place where they dry their laundry, even if they need every piece of cloth on their body, even if it takes a week or so to dry in the blistering cold.

We are incredibly proud of our friends at Fresh Response, who make sure people get to see a doctor if needed, and provide clothes to warm their shivering bodies. Fresh Response is running out of supplies and we need to make sure there is enough to cover the last month of winter, until temperatures stay above zero. Second hand clothes can be bought very cheaply on the flea market of Sarajevo so even the smallest contribution will go a long way. Help us help!

With your support, we can improve living conditions for the most neglected humans on the Balkan route. THANK YOU!