Changing the rules of the game

Abbas & Hayider

01.05.2019 - Take a look at our biggest inspiration - two of the amazing men we work with every day. Reviled by the West as economic migrants or terrorists, beaten up and pushed back by Croatian police for daring to cross an EU border, it's not just their suffering that motivates us.

These two men from Iraq come to our community centre almost every day. They don't sit down and relax, but work from the moment they walk in until the whole place is cleaned and empty. They make sure everyone gets a hot plate of food, dishes get done, tea is made - and always with a big big smile.

Despite the long, dangerous journey they are on, they stand strong. They roll up their sleeves and retake what control they have left over their lives, standing side by side us to make Sarajevo a better, safer place for migrants. And they're no the only ones! We are surrounded by absolutely amazing translators, waiters, dish washers and cooks that ensure we can do what we do - serve hundreds of people a fresh meal and medical first aid every single day.

THANK YOU to all of you guys for the work you do, the strength you show and the hope you bring. You show love and respect to fellow human beings every day. You inspire us to keep going - all we need to do is look in awe and follow your lead.