Changing the rules of the game

Comfort Food

29.01.2019 - After months of long food lines in the snow, we moved our food distributions into our newly opened community centre. The result is heart (& body) warming.

When guests enter our centre they can sit down, take some tea and chill out. A hot bowl of freshly cooked food and a piece of fruit is served to them for lunch & dinner. No more lines & no more cold. In the afternoon they can stay to charge their phones, follow one of our language classes or visit the doctors.

From jumping around in the cold to serve 50-70 people, we now welcome well over a hundred twice a day. Some of them had been locked up in dark squats for months and are finally moving out again. They no longer have to choose between a cold body or an empty belly.

And we can now offer so much more than just food: a place to relax & learn, get legal information, find out how to get into camp & share experiences of border violence with us. There are plenty of opportunities for the guys to work voluntarily: cook the food, serve it to all our guests and wash the enormous pile of dishes at the end of each meal. Always with a big smile.

Finally, we are serving food with dignity.