Changing the rules of the game


15.10.2020. October has started. For people on the move in Bosnia that means freezing temperatures, snow and rain. As in previous years, people who try to make it to Italy are brutally pushed back and hurt by Croatian police and border officers.

In Bosnia-Herzegovina, the situation for people on the move has worsened throughout the year, but as the newest wave of restrictions reverberate, a shock policy is the closings of official camps. This is forcing ever more people to stay in the woods, on the streets and in abandoned houses. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic it has become impossible at times to go out and get necessary goods like food, water and medicine.

That is why our amazing friends from housing support crew will be in Bosnia over the winter! They will support people with insulating houses, installing stoves, and offering emergency medical support, with an approach of mutuality and solidarity. No luxuries with temperatures regularly hitting -15: these people need a source of heat to survive.