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Apply for emergency funds

Do you provide emergency aid to people on the move in Lithuania, Poland, Serbia or Bosnia? We could help you with a one-off or monthly donation! We have a few funding criteria for the groups/coalitions/organisations we support. These are related to practical requirements as well as the way you work. But first of all, let us introduce ourselves.

As MiGreat, we believe that people need to be able to move. Our mission is to establish migration as a human right. We challenge the State’s exclusion of non-nationals and advocate for opportunities for migration, especially from the global South towards the EU. We campaign against the brutal EU border regime, which is ineffective, harmful and deadly. As long as these policies do not change radically, we provide emergency aid to people on the move.

Practical requirements
  • You work with people on the move in Lithuania, Poland, Serbia or Bosnia
  • You work outside government (camp) facilities
  • You do not receive government funding
  • You focus on emergency aid (we do not fund activities related to campaigning, integration, education etc)
  • Ideally, you also advocate for the rights of people on the move, and/or report on rights violations
  • Maximum 3 months after you received  the money, you fill out a short form to report how you used the received money
  • We also support groups that are not officially registered
  • Your annual budget is maximum 100.000 euros
  • You request maximum 5000 euros (one-off) or 700 euros (per month, for a 6 month time period)
How you work
  • You regularly assess what the needs of the people are and take their opinions and ideas into account.
  • Initiatives led by people on the move and / or local people are prioritised.
  • You work with everyone who needs it, without distinction based on nationality, race, gender, religion or any other distinction. You make sure you have enough to distribute items fairly to all in need.
  • You work safely and respectfully, both with the staff, local people and the people on the move.

As our main goal is system change, we want to report on the situation where you work and hold those responsible accountable. If you collect information on pushbacks, evictions or other kinds of state violence against people on the move, please share it with us. We also have to explain to our donors where their resources (money, material donations) went. At the same time, we do not want to add too much stress to you, as we know you can spend your time much better than on detailed accounting reports and you need to feel free to decide where the money is most needed.

We try to keep the accounting as simple and straightforward as possible. Please be aware that information you send us can be shared publicly, unless you explicitly ask us not to. Fill out the application form here and send it to! We will try to get back to you within a month.