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Sincw 2018, we are active in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Hundreds, at times thousands of people survive on the streets while they prepare to move on the the EU. During winter they endure bitter cold. Many are broke, tired and hungry, others need medical attention. We work with local grassroot groups to offer what’s most needed and follow our three principles:
  1. Focus on the basics: food, clothes, shelter and medical care

  2. Focus on those who need it most: people who can’t get support anywhere else

  3. Provide for everyone in need: we make sure we can help everyone equally
Help us help! We are a 100% volunteer run group, so all your money will be used directly for aid and advocacy. With your donation, we make sure homeless refugees have food, shelter and medical care in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and the voices of those risking their lives to reach Europe are heard!

Donate directly to our our bank account or through PayPal:

Name: Stichting MiGreat
IBAN: NL17BUNQ2040897801


15.10.2020. October has started. For people on the move in Bosnia that means freezing temperatures, snow and rain. As in previous years, people who try to make it to Italy are brutally pushed back and hurt by Croatian police and border officers.In Bosnia-Herzegovina,...

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Sarajevo - Corona proof Ninja Distro

02.04.2020. As pretty much everywhere in Europe, Bosnia is alllll about Corona at the moment. Although the first confirmed cases were Bosnian people who had visited Italy, politicians and media are unafraid to blame the Middle-Eastern migrants for bringing the disease...

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Sarajevo - Frozen

21.02.2020 While most of us are enjoying a ridiculously mild winter, it is still freezing every night in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Five hundred men and boys are sleeping rough, trying to find shelter in the bombed ruins of Sarejevo. No windows or doors to protect them from...

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Men Matter

17.01.2020. We are just going to say it as it is - on the streets of Sarajevo are 400-500 refugee and migrant men, mainly muslim, mainly adult. Journalists and donors want cute pictures of women and small children. But the reality of the Balkan route is that very little...

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Aid Brigade Closedown - Public Statement

28.05.2019 - We hereby inform you that as of 22 May 2019, Aid Brigade has ceased all activities until further notice. This means the community centre is closed and there is no food distribution, NFI provision, legal referral, first aid, psychological support,...

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Ramadan Mubarak

07.05.2019 - Yesterday marked the first day of Ramadan, a month of fasting, prayer, reflection and community.Community usually means family and friends, but due to the massive dangers on the way, very little families make it to Bosnia. We mostly work with single young...

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Abbas & Hayider

01.05.2019 - Take a look at our biggest inspiration - two of the amazing men we work with every day. Reviled by the West as economic migrants or terrorists, beaten up and pushed back by Croatian police for daring to cross an EU border, it's not just their suffering that...

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Comfort Food

29.01.2019 - After months of long food lines in the snow, we moved our food distributions into our newly opened community centre. The result is heart (& body) warming.When guests enter our centre they can sit down, take some tea and chill out. A hot bowl of freshly...

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